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Dr. Sanjay Mittal
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Prostate Enlargement

Prostate Enlargement

Enlarged Prostate Symptoms and Causes In men, urine flows from the bladder through the urethra. BPH is a benign (noncancerous) enlargement of the prostate that blocks the flow of urine through the urethra. The prostate cells gradually multiply, creating an enlargement that puts pressure on the urethra -- the "chute" through which urine and semen exit the body.

As the urethra narrows, the bladder has to contract more forcefully to push urine through the bodyarmamentarium is available for proper evaluation of infertile male. Erectile dysfunction commonly affects men. Both non-drug treatment & surgical options are available at the Clinic. Treatment depends on the underlying cause.

Andrology Services

• Semen analysis
• Hormonal evaluation
• Doppler ultrasound evaluation for varicocele
• Treatment of anejaculation by vibrator or electro-ejaculator
• Sperm function tests – DNA fragmentation, HOS test
• Sperm viability testing—MACS (Magnetic Activated Cell Sorting)
• Surgical sperm retrieval by PESA/TESA/TESE/microdissection TESE
• Assessment and medical treatment for male sexual problems