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Name: Sanjay Kumar Mittal

Branch Name : Bapu Nagar, Jaipur

Acc. No. :586102010003215

IFSC : UBIN0558613

Dr. Sanjay Mittal
(Urologist in Jaipur)

Know About Doctor

Dr. Sanjay Mittal

Hony Consultant urology
MBBS, MS, DNB (urology), FSRS (Robotics Surgery) NEW YORK, USA.
Uro-oncology Fellow, RGCI, New Delhi


is honorary consultant Urologist in Jaipur in department of urology he did his graduation and post graduation from S.P. Medical College & Hospital, Bikaner, Rajasthan. He completed his DNB (Urology) from Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, New Delhi in 2008. He did his uroncolology fellowship under Dr Sudhir Rawal from RGCI. (Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute, New Delhi).

He served sir ganga ram hospital as hony consultant for four years. He did training in roboric surgery from RPCI Buffalo, New York USA. Dr Mittal has special interest in endourology, urooncosurgery, laparoscopic urology and andrology. currently he is urology consultant at SDMH.Dr Mittal has vast experience of all urologic surgery and operating for last 11 years.

Dr Mittal has many publications in indexed journals and had been attending many international and national conferences .he has presented various scientific research papers. He also had been international faculty in societe international d urologie (SIU) and taken instructional course in fungal infection in urinary system.

Dr Mittal is life member of many national and international association of urology He is executive member of jaipur association of urology and hospital Institutional Ethics Committee.


  • FSRS (Robotic surgery)                          October 2013
    RPCI Buffalo ,New York USA

  • DNB (Urology)                         July 2005 –July 2008
    Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, New Delhi

  • M.S (General Surgery)                         2001-2004
    S.P. Medical College & Hospital ,Bikaner, Rajasthan

  • M.B.B.S.                          1994-2000
    S.P. Medical College & Hospital, Bikaner, Rajasthan


  • Senior Resident at Dept. of Urology, Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, New Delhi
    . 4th July 2005 to 3rd July 2008

  • Clinical Assistant in Genito-Urinary Oncology at RGCI. (Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute, New Delhi)
    Jan 2009 to Aug 2009

  • Clinical Assistant at SGRH in Department of Urology.
    August 2009-August 2010

  • Consultant at SGRH in Department of Urology
    Sept 2010- to March 2014.

  • Hony Consultant in Department of Urology SDM Hospital cum medical research centre
    Apr 2014 to till date


    DNB (UROLOGY), Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, New Delhi

    In -depth knowledge of every surgical & nonsurgical aspect of urology.
    Ward postings: All preoperative work up & postoperative cares of various Urological procedures.

    General OPD: Attended over 100 patients every week.

    Uro radiology: Carried out various uro radiological procedures e.g.: Micturition Cystourethrogram (MCU), Retrograde Urethrogram(RGU), Cytography , Nephrostograms , Retrograde Pyelogram (RGP), IVP etc.

    Urodynamic:Carried out Urodynamic procedures on regular basis e.g.: Cystometrograms (CMG), Electromyograms (EMG), and Uroflowmetry etc.

    Lithotripsy: Carried out over 250 cases independently.

    Minor surgical procedures: Dorsal slitting, Urethral dilatations, Prostatic Biopsy, Testicular Biopsy, TESE, Suprapubic Catheterization etc.

    Major surgical procedures:

    o Endoscopic: OIU, TURP, TURBT, URS, PCNL, CLP, PCN etc.

    o Laparoscopic

     Lap. Varicocelectomy
     Lap. Ureterolithotomy
     Lap. Nephrectomy(simple & radical

    o Open procedures:

     Nephrectomy (simple & radical)
     Nephroureterectomy
     Pyelolithotomy
     Radical Cystoprostatectomy & ileal conduit/ neobladder
     Radical prostatectomy
     Pyeloplasty
     Urethroplasty
     Penectomy
     Ureteric reimplantation
     Adrenelectomy etc.

    o Renal transplantation:

     Well-handled more than fifty cases of renal transplantations in all aspects during DNB trining in kidney transplantation unit.
     Preoperative workup & postoperative care in association with the Nephrologist were the key learning’s.
     Independently performed donor nephrectomies in all the cases & assisted in the recipients.

    o Recent :

     Robotics ,Trained at Roswell park Cancer institute , Buffalo, New York, USA
     Open uro-oncological procedures
     Laser and saline TURP
     Deflux injection therapy for VUR
     TVT/TOT t/t for stress incontinence in female

    o Emergency

     Suprapubic cystostomy
     Ureteric catheterization
     PCN (per cutaneous nephrostomy)
     Priapism
     Nephrectomy etc.

    Sr. Residency, Surgery MAMC Agroha, Hisar, Haryana.

    Done in the Deptt. Of surgery, MAMC Agroha, Hisar, Haryana.
    October 2004 to July 2005

    M.S. (General Surgery), SP Medical College and Hospital, Bikaner,Rajasthan

    o Basic surgical experience.
    o Handling of routine & emergency Gen. Surgical procedures as assistant & as primary surgeon.
    o Exposure as a surgeon & assistant in the following specialized domains
     Urology.
     Surgery & Laparoscopic surgery.
     Neurosurgery.
     Pediatric surgery.


    Practical experience of different specialties

    MBBS. SP Medical College and Hospital, Bikaner

    Knowledge of basic medicine & surgery.
    Rural posting Exposure to Indian village primary care

    RESEARCH / THESIS/Publications

    • Role of Helicobacter pylori in case of peptic perforation and peptic ulcer disease. prospective clinical pathological study.
    • Primary fallopian tube cancer-case report and review of current literarure ;The ganga ram journal 2012;2:278-280
    • Emphysematous Cystitis in a patient with acute pancreatitis, A rare occerence ; The ganga ram journal 2013;3 no 6 :271-272


     NZ USICON 2006
     NZ USICON 2007
     USICON 2007
     USICON 2008
     Asian congress of urology 2008
     RGCON 2003,2009
     USICON 2012
     SIU Fukuoka, Japan 2012,Vancouver 2013,Melbourne 2015
     Workshop on Penile implants & Botox, RML Hospital, New Delhi
     International live operative workshop in Robotic Urologic, Surgery, AIIMS, Delhi 2007.
     Attended all end of month meetings of Delhi Urological Society, held at various center by rotation every month


    Organized 3 international workshop as Co-organizing secretary in last four years
     TURP workshop 2010(National)
     Urodynamics workshop in 2011(International)
     Update in uro-oncology in 2012(International)
     Complication in urology in 2013(International)

    Took DNB lectures organized by National Board of Examination, New Delhi.
     Took various lectures during workshop and CMEs.
     Took various talks in Delhi urology society annual meeting
    Presented papers and posters in regional and national USICON(2011, 2012).

    Presented two papers and three posters in SIU Japan 2012.
    Presented one paper and three poster in SIU Vancouver 2013
    Faculty in instructional course in fungal UTI in SIU 2013
    Took many lectures in jaipur association of urology


     Participate in group discussion in cultural activity in college
     Acted as anchor in various programme during MBBS tenure.


    o Performed & assisted all Urological procedures in large numbers.
    o Well versed in all Endoscopic,open,laparoscopic urologic surgeries
    o Orientation of Robotics programme and transplant set up
    o Good in uro-oncology work

     Lap. Radical nephrectomy
     Open Ureteric reimplanation
     Open Partial nephrectomy
     Open Radical cystectomy
     Open prostatectomy

    Wide exposure of Uro-oncology at RGCI (Jan 2009-Aug 09)

    • Over 40 radical cystectomy with neobladder (performed 5 independently)
    • 10 radical cystectomy with ileal conduit (performed 5 independently)
    • 15 open radical prostectomy (performed 2 independently)
    • 10 endoscopic bladder tumor resection independently
    • Attended over 200 patients of genitourinary cancer in a week
    • Around 40 cases of prostate cancer managed by HIFU (only center offering this treatment in north and middle India)

    Well-handled more than 50 cases of the renal transplantation in all aspects, independently performed donor nephrectomies in all the cases & assisted in the recipient as first assistant.

    Exposure & hands on training in advanced techniques in the field of urology, e.g.- KTP Laser treatment for BPH, robotics

    Work experience in SGRH since August 2009

    • Performed various endourological procedure independently
    • Advanced urooncosurgical cases
    • Certified investigator for conducting clinical trials.
    • State of the art personalized patient care
    • Coordinatination of DNB teaching programme
    • Took lecture organized by NBE
    • Organized international workshops and took lectures in CME
    • Presented papers in SIU Japan 2012 and National Conference
    • Faculty in instructional course in SIU 2013 vancouver
    • One paper and three poster in SIU 2013
    • Started robotics